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Chronological Age Calculator

Simple, fast and free age calculator! Result in Years; Months; Days

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Age Calculator

Simply put in the child’s date of birth and date you carried out the assessment and bingo! You have your answer!

The age calculator can be used for people of any age and is free for you to use as many times as you like. The result will show you how the person’s age in Years; Months; Days which is useful for speech and language therapy assessment result analysis.

This age calculator has been optimised for use on mobile, tablet and desktop computer.

Age Calculator Chronological Age Calculator
Age Calculator by Optima Speech Therapy

Ages and Stages

Once the child’s chronological age has been calculated with the age calculator their age can be used to reference the developmental milestones and help identify early signs of a delay or disorder. 

If you’re a parent and not sure what you are looking for, try these free checklists here.

Developmental milestones are a way of tracking this progress. Generally kids development skills in the same order, but there is a range of when we might expect this ‘typical’ development rather than an exact age. These checklists are a useful guide if you feel things are not quite as they should be for your child. 

Developmental milestones measure your child’s skills to engage with the world. Skills like communication, play, sight, hearing, and their movement, known as motor skills.

Professionals will assess milestones under the following categories:

  • Language: making and understanding sounds and including hearing,
  • Social: play and interactions with others around them,
  • Emotional: forming attachments and bonding with people,
  • Cognitive: learning and engaging with the world,
  • Physical: large body movements such as sitting, crawling, and walking, and small movements such as holding things, passing from hand to hand, and hand-eye coordination.


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