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DARA Flash Cards for Therapists $30.00

A pack of flash cards developed for therapists to use in therapy sessions. The pack contain all the speech sounds used when speaking in English including consonants, monothongs, and diphthong vowels.

DARA Word Elicitation in CVC Word Complexes $40.00

A set of CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words. DARA models each of the three steps to aid therapists to elicit the word with their client. THe target word is also displayed in the bottom right corner as a visual prompt.

DARA Quick Reference Clinical Poster $30.00

Clinical reference poster featuring DARA in the starting position of all 25 consonant speech sounds used in English. Ideal for hanging in the clinic. Size A3.


Available now for pre-order. An clinical book for speech therapists to use in the clinic. Each consonant, and vowel (monothong and diphthong) is examined in detail along with elicitation techniques. This book supports the YouTube videos.

DARA The Original Poster $30.00

Introducing the original DARA poster. DARA is a unique 3D animated character which has been specifically developed to teach children how to make speech sounds. The DARA series is available in video tutorials on our YouTube channel HERE.

DARA Tote Bag $30.00

Keep all your DARA resources together in this handy tote bag. The bag has two shoulder straps and features DARA is a large print.

DARA Mug $25.00

Keep those vocal cords hydrated by having this DARA mug on hand. Ideal for hot and cold drinks.

DARA T-Shirt $45.00

Do your clients love DARA as much as we do? Why not reward their hard work with a DARA t-shirt. Available in sizes S, M, and L. Specify your size at checkout.

DARA Cushion $45.00

A comfortable addition to any clinic room. Please note only the cover is provided – the inner filler needs to be sourced separately.

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