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48 Flash Cards
for Medial W Sound | Phonic W | SIWW Posted


Set of 48 flash cards. Fun, bright, and educational picture cards offered as an instant download or posted hard copy. Can be used to help learn the /w/ speech sound, practice W in medial word position, and improve vocabulary of words with the W phonic in the middle. Word lists include words carefully chosen for their high visual memory to aid learning.

Please note:

  • This resource is a printed hard copy, supplied laminated ready to cut up. It will be posted to the address provided at checkout.
  • If you would prefer to purchase a pdf for download, please click HERE.

Includes 12 words provided in two sizes, and with and without words. Also available in initial word position and supported by free YouTube tutorials as part of the DARA series (Digitised Automated Realistic Articulator).

These flash cards are ideal for Speech and Language Therapy sessions and for Teachers or Special Needs Assistants. Carefully designed using high-quality images on a white background for maximum clarity and results. These resources form part of a wider series of therapy materials provided by Optima Speech Therapy.

/w/ resources also available in word positions including:

  • Word initial syllable initial (WISI / SIWI)


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for Medial W Sound | Phonic W | SIWW Posted”

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