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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

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Optima's Speech and Language Therapy Programme

How does the service work?
You can now get speech and language therapy for your child with no waiting list! Individualised for your child, speech and language therapy programmes give you the tools to help your child at home under my professional guidance.

What is in the Programme?
Each day has a 15-minute exercise you do with your child. Perfect for children with short attention spans and busy parents!

Do we need special equipment?
No, I have used household items specifically so there are no hidden costs involved.

Does speech therapy at home work?
Yes! Delivering short but regular speech therapy to your child helps them take the techniques on board more easily. They get daily practise without having to fit in weekly clinic appointments.

How is assessment completed?
There are no live videos. Assessment is done with non-live videos that you can do over several day as suits you. I provide a secure, encrypted file transfer service for you to send me the videos, so they are kept safe and private! After analysis, I will prepare a summary report with recommendations. I prepare and post you a speech therapy programme made specifically for your child. A check in with me every two weeks is included in the programme cost. This allows me to monitor your child and make any suggestions.


Empowering parents with an original, proactive and easy-to-use service for speech therapy at home.

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