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B Word List

Initial b-words, Medial b-words and Final b-words 

/b/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
back, bag, ball, bed, bell, bench, bike, book, boot, box, bubble, bug
/b/ Within Word Syllable Initial
above, baby, keyboard, ladybug, robot, strawberry, sunbathe, table, umbrella, vegetable, zebra, zombie
/b/ Within Word Syllable Final
bobble, bubbly, cabbage, Debbie, grubby, pebble, rabbit, ribbon, robber, squabble, submarine, tabby
/b/ Word Final Syllable Final
bulb, club, crab, crib, cub, cube, job, knob, sob, sub, tube, web

CH Word List

Initial ch-words, Medial ch-words, Final ch-words

/ch / Word Initial Syllable Initial
chain, chair, chalk, cheese, cherry, chess, chest, chick, child, chilli, chimney, chocolate
/ch/ Within Word Syllable Initial
armchair, gesture, grandchild, high chair, mixture, nachos, picture, signature, teacher, temperature, voucher, vulture
/ch/ Within Word Syllable Final
butcher, coaches, crutches, hatching, itchy, ketchup, kitchen, lunch box, matches, punching, ratchet, statue
/ch/ Word Final Syllable Final
beach, bench, bunch, catch, coach, ostrich, ouch!, peach, sandwich, switch, watch, witch

D Word List

Initial d-words, Medial d-words, Final d-words 

/d/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
daisy, digger, dinosaur, dog, doll, dolphin, door, dove, dragon, dress, drill, duck
/d/ Within Word Syllable Initial
birthday, children, hiding, holding, ladybug, panda, reading, riding, spider, thunder, under, window
/d/ Within Word Syllable Final
goldfish, headphones, hoodie, ladder, medicine, muddy, needle, padlock, sandwich, shadow, teddy, wedding
/d/ Word Final Syllable Final
bed, bird, cloud, dude, hand, hide, iPad, kid, lizard, mud, shed, slide

DG Word List

Initial dg-words, Medial dg-words, Final dg-words

/dg / Word Initial Syllable Initial
genie, giraffe, jacket, jail, jam, jar, jeans, jeep, jersey, juggle, juice, jump
/dg/ Within Word Syllable Initial
agent, algebra, budgie, danger, digest, dungeon, ginger, magician, ninja, pyjamas, teenager, urgent
/dg/ Within Word Syllable Final
badger, dodgeball, engagement, fidget, images, imagine, magic, pigeon, project, sausages, vegetables, wedges
/dg/ Word Final Syllable Final
bandage, bridge, cabbage, cage, college, fridge, fudge, judge, message, orange, package, village

F Word List

Initial f-words, Medial f-words, Final f-words

/f/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
fan, farm, feather, feet, fence, finger, fire, fish, fork, fossil, fox, phone
/f/ Within Word Syllable Initial
breakfast, butterfly, café, camouflage, dolphin, elephant, goldfish, headphones, sofa, starfish, trophy, uniform
/f/ Within Word Syllable Final
buffalo, coffee, fifty, fluffy, huffy, laughing, muffin, puffin, scruffy, toffee, traffic, waffle
/f/ Word Final Syllable Final
cliff, cough, elf, giraffe, half, knife, laugh, leaf, loaf, off, safe, stuff

G Word List

Initial g-words, Medial g-words, Final g-words

/g / Word Initial Syllable Initial
gate, gecko, gift, girl, glove, goal, goat, gone, grass, guitar, gull, gum
/g/ Within Word Syllable Initial
argue, bagel, burger, burglar, kangaroo, ogre, penguin, seagull, target, tiger, yoga, yoghurt
/g/ Within Word Syllable Final
digger, dragon, giggle, goggles, igloo, juggle, leggings, Lego, magnet, sugar, wagon, zigzag
/g/ Word Final Syllable Final
bag, cog, dog, egg, frog, hug, jug, leg, mug, peg, pig, wig

H Word List

Initial h-words, Medial h-words, Final h-words  

/h/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
hair, half, hamster, hand, hanger, heart, helmet, hippo, hook, horse, house, hug
/h/ Within Word Syllable Initial
beehive, birdhouse, buttonhole, forehead, grasshopper, hula hoop, lighthouse, playhouse, pot hole, seahorse, unhappy, uphill
/h/ Within Word Syllable Final
Not used in English.
/h/ Word Final Syllable Final
Not used in English.

K Word List

Initial k-words, Medial k-words, Final k-words

/k/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
cake, coat, coin, cookie, cow, cube, cup, key, kid, king, kiss, koala
/k/ Within Word Syllable Initial
acorn, beaker, broken, donkey, icicle, monkey, pinecone, pumpkin, recycle, token, turkey, unicorn
/k/ Within Word Syllable Final
alpaca, cactus, chicken, chocolate, cookie, gecko, jacket, necklace, package, picture, racquet, rocket
/k/ Word Final Syllable Final
back, bike, book, drink, duck, fork, hook, lick, look, rock, sack, sock

L Word List

Initial l-words, Medial l-words, Final l-words

/l/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
ladder, ladybug, lamp, laptop, leaf, lemon, lion, lips, lizard, loaf, look, love
/l/ Within Word Syllable Initial
alarm, alien, balloon, broccoli, chocolate, envelope, eyelashes, koala, Olympics, padlock, ruler, violin
/l/ Within Word Syllable Final
alpaca, bowling, chilli, colouring, dolphin, elephant, goggles, helmet, jelly, pillow, salad, umbrella
/l/ Word Final Syllable Final
ball, camel, drill, icicle, muscle, owl, pencil, seal, shell, turtle, veil, waffle

M Word List

Initial m-words, Medial m-words, Final m-words

/m/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
map, medicine, message, mirror, monkey, monster, moon, mouth, mud, muffin, muscle, mushroom
/m/ Within Word Syllable Initial
American, camera, chameleon, flamingo, helmet, lawnmower, llama, remote, salami, submarine, timer, tomato
/m/ Within Word Syllable Final
Amazon, armchair, camel, chimney, drumstick, family, hamster, homework, lemon, pyjamas, umbrella, zombie
/m/ Word Final Syllable Final
arm, drum, farm, game, gum, lamb, Mum, scream, slime, swim, thumb, uniform

N Word List

Initial n-words, Medial n-words, Final n-words

/n/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
nail, nap, necklace, needle, nest, net, nine, ninja, noise, nose, nurse, nut
/n/ Within Word Syllable Initial
banana, canoe, chimney, dinosaur, donut, genie, honey, money, picnic, rhino, unicorn, uniform
/n/ Within Word Syllable Final
bandage, bunny, envelope, finish, insect, monster, ninja, panda, pencil, planet, sunshine, window
/n/ Word Final Syllable Final
balloon, button, dragon, kitten, lemon, lion, moon, pen, phone, ribbon, spoon, unicorn

NG Word List

Medial ng-words, Final ng-words

/ng/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
Not used in English.
/ng/ Within Word Syllable Initial
Not used in English.
/ng/ Within Word Syllable Final
angry, banging, bangle, donkey, finger, flamingo, hanger, jungle, kangaroo, monkey, penguin, singing
/ng/ Word Final Syllable Final
blowing, cutting, digging, eating, giving, hugging, kissing, laughing, pushing, riding, sleeping, writing

P Word List

Initial p-words, Medial p-words, Final p-words

/p/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
pal, pan, pat, paw, pea, peg, pen, pig, pit, pop, pot, pup
/p/ Within Word Syllable Initial
alpaca, flowerpot, iPad, Japan, jumper, lollypop, octopus, papaya, paper, recipe, sleeping, vampire
/p/ Within Word Syllable Final
apple, happy, hippo, laptop, pepper, pineapple, poppy, puppy, slippers, uphill, upset, zapper
/p/ Word Final Syllable Final
cup, jeep, map, mop, rip, rope, sheep, ship, soup, stop, tape, zip

R Word List

Initial r-words, Medial r-words, Final r-words

/r/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
rabbit, raven, remote, rhino, river, robin, robot, rock, rocket, ruler, wreath, write
/r/ Within Word Syllable Initial
arrow, bedroom, biro, earring, giraffe, karate, mushroom, pirate, submarine, virus, walrus, zero
/r/ Within Word Syllable Final
American, carrot, cherry, correct, fairy, forehead, gorilla, kangaroo, mirror, orange, parrot, syrup
/r/ Word Final Syllable Final
car, chair, digger, diver, feather, finger, guitar, ladder, ogre, scooter, tare, tiger

S Word List

Initial s-words, Medial s-words, Final s-words

/s/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
sack, safe, salad, sandwich, scissors, seal, seed, seven, silver, sock, soup, south
/s/ Within Word Syllable Initial
beside, bouncing, dinosaur, icicle, insect, medicine, officer, pencil, princess, recycle, sausage, unicycle
/s/ Within Word Syllable Final
blossom, bracelet, braces, castle, dancer, fossil, glasses, message, muscle, possum, recipe, whistle
/s/ Word Final Syllable Final
cactus, dress, fence, grass, horse, house, ice, kiss, lips, mouse, octopus, rice

SH Word List

Initial sh-words, Medial sh-words, Final sh-words

/sh/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
shadow, shake, shark, sharp, sheep, shell, ship, shiver, shoe, shorts, shout, sugar
/sh/ Within Word Syllable Initial
cashier, caution, junction, lotion, machine, milkshake, ocean, option, portion, question, station, sunshine
/sh/ Within Word Syllable Final
addition, cushion, eyelashes, fashion, fishing, hashtag, mushroom, musician, pushing, push-up, splashing, tissue
/sh/ Word Final Syllable Final
brush, bush, cash, crash, dish, finish, fish, flush, smash, starfish, wash, wish

T Word List

Initial t-words, Medial t-words, Final t-words

/t/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
table, tape, tare, teeth, tent, tickle, tiger, toe, tongue, tree, tube, tummy
/t/ Within Word Syllable Initial
cactus, guitar, laptop, lightbulb, octopus, scooter, theatre, tomato, turtle, vegetable, water, writing
/t/ Within Word Syllable Final
batman, butterfly, button, eating, hotdog, jetlag, jetski, jotter, kitten, lettuce, shouting, yeti
/t/ Word Final Syllable Final
boat, boot, cat, coat, feet, gate, goat, hat, nest, pot, rabbit, robot

TH Word List (Voiceless)

Initial th-words, Medial th-words, Final th-words

/th/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
theatre, thick, thief, think, third, thirsty, thistle, thorn, thread, three, thumb, thunder
/th/ Within Word Syllable Initial
anything, author, empathy, filthy, hawthorn, healthy, marathon, nothing, panther, python, rethink, stealthy
/th/ Within Word Syllable Final
athlete, bathrobe, bathtub, birthday, lengthen, pathway, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpick, truthful, wealthy, youthful
/th/ Word Final Syllable Final
beneath, cloth, earth, fifth, math, moth, mouth, path, south, strength, teeth, wreath

TH Word List (Voiced)

Initial th-words, Medial th-words, Final th-words

/th/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
than, that, the, their, them, then, therefore, these, they, this, those, though
/th/ Within Word Syllable Initial
although, bathing, breathing, clothing, either, father, further, grandfather, neither, scathing, smoothie, weather
/th/ Within Word Syllable Final
another, brother, feather, gather, lather, leather, mother, other, rhythm, slither, together, wither
/th/ Word Final Syllable Final
bathe, betrothe, birth, breathe, loathe, seethe, smooth, soothe, sunbathe, swathe, teethe, with

V Word List

Initial v-words, Medial v-words, Final v-words

/v/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
valley, vampire, van, vase, vet, veil, vest, vine, violin, visor, volcano, vulture
/v/ Within Word Syllable Initial
beaver, clover, diver, division, envelope, flavour, gravy, lava, movie, oval, raven, silver
/v/ Within Word Syllable Final
avocado, cover, discover, giving, heavy, novel, river, seven, shiver, shovel, travel, waving
/v/ Word Final Syllable Final
beehive, cave, dive, dove, drive, five, glove, love, olive, save, stove, wave

W Word List

Initial w-words, Medial w-words

/w/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
wall, watch, wave, web, wet, wheel, wing, wish, wizard, wolf, world, worm
/w/ Within Word Syllable Initial
award, carwash, cobweb, fireworks, hardware, Hollywood, homework, kiwi, microwave, one-way, sandwich, seaweed
/w/ Within Word Syllable Final
Not used in English.
/w/ Word Final Syllable Final
Not used in English.

Y Word List

Initial y-words, Medial y-words

/y/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
ukulele, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, yacht, yarn, yawn, yellow, yes, yoga, yoghurt, YouTube
/y/ Within Word Syllable Initial
costume, lanyard, lawyer, million, New Year, New York, onion, papaya, reunion, reuse, stallion, yoyo
/y/ Within Word Syllable Final
Limited use in English. Betrayal, coyote, kayak, loyal, royal
/y/ Word Final Syllable Final
Not used in English.

Z Word List

Initial z-words, Medial z-words, Final z-words

/z/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
Zack, zany, zapper, zebra, zero, zigzag, zip, Zoe, zombie, zone, zoo, zoom
/z/ Within Word Syllable Initial
Amazon, bulldozer, daisy, freezing, jacuzzi, jersey, music, noisy, pizza, poison, visor, zigzag
/z/ Within Word Syllable Final
blizzard, desert, dizzy, fizzy, grizzly, lizard, puzzle, roses, scissors, sizzle, sneezing, wizard
/z/ Word Final Syllable Final
boys, cheese, dogs, flags, flowers, glasses, goggles, legs, nose, pyjamas, rose, slippers

ZH Word List

Medial zh-words, Final zh-words

/zh/ Word Initial Syllable Initial
Not used in English.
/zh/ Within Word Syllable Initial
Asia, aversion, conclusion, confusion, conversion, erosion, explosion, illusion, leisure, lesion, protrusion, version
/zh/ Within Word Syllable Final
casual, collision, decision, division, measure, pleasure, precision, revision, supervision, television, treasure, vision
/zh/ Word Final Syllable Final
barrage, bon voyage, camouflage, collage, corsage, dressage, entourage, garage, luge, massage, mirage, rouge


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